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Well buddy, don’t worry!

If you are reading this, then you are probably a real estate agent. Well buddy, don’t worry! This concept is not new. It’s been there in the west for several years now. Check out  By Owner. It’s a US based website where owners list their properties directly. It has not effected real estate agents in the saturated and regularized western country markets. Deals still happen, brokers are still prospering.

International Property Consultants are coming in. Western concepts have been brought in. It’s the Indian Dot Com BOOM.

blah blah blah!

India is still a very young market. International Property Consultants are coming in. Western concepts have been brought in. It’s the Indian Dot Com BOOM – blah blah blah. The average property owner’s age is between 35 years to 65 years. He doesn’t care for these things. All he cares about is his daily business. He has way too many things to worry about – his business payments, his nagging wife, his kid’s school, how to beat Mumbai traffic? You get the drift. The last thing on his mind is worrying about an additional property! How many times have you heard your client saying “I would rather leave my property empty, than get headaches from a tenant.”? Exactly!

​Freebie People will definitely put their property on the market through such web sites. There will be a LOT of them. However, most of them simply have NO idea of pricing. It’s either too low or too high. When they are priced high then owners sit on their property for months wondering what is wrong? When they are priced low then they are simply stupid and deserve lose money.

When S@#t hits the ceiling, who will they blame?

In my opinion it’s a wonderful thing. This will clear all the crappy property owners and buyers who promise payments and back out at the time of payment. When s@#t hits the ceiling, they will regret not using a real estate agent. Who will they turn to blame? Themselves!

Let them work out their issues and realize the twisted truth that owners and tenants say to each other. Let them stand in line trying to register their property in 40 degrees summer heat or in the mucky rainy months for 2 hours. ​​I am sure the registration agent who will get paid once by them will give them priority over the real estate broker who sees him regularly. It’s then, these independents will realize the value of a real estate broker. The added service provided by real estate agent backed by years of experience. The fact that the transfer of information from real estate brokers to their client is filtered to sound better to their sensitive egos and ears. ​

Don’t go crying to ‘Daddy’

In the end, let the freebies mingle with each other. In fact, I would be bold enough to say that as real estate brokers we should refer them to this website every time you hear “We will not pay brokerage”. If they have a good experience, that’s great! You made a friend. Just make sure that you don’t go crying to ‘Daddy’ when the Land Lord doesn’t return your deposit.​

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  • Timmana Gouda D
    Jun 4, 2015

    Hey it’s quite nice to have experienced brokers for renting and sale / buying of properties ..intermediation is good .but intermediation cost is way too high ..like in life insurance which had gone online now ..real estate borking will also get disrupted ..it about cost to value add and hassles faced by owner or the tenant for renewals among themselves ..it’s not fair to ask for renewal commission ..here we are keeping user/ consumer in kind and owners too who in way are consumer of a service ..this had to happen , though there will be need for qualified , not just experienced brokers at the cost of some tenants and owners …with professional liability for any breach by owner or tenant then it makes sense to have them ..it there in US or western countries ..let there be an regulatory body / authority for real estate broking ..then they will stay and earn their fees too respectfully ..May the consumer be decider of who should stay in business ..

    Timmana Gouda D Jun 4, 2015

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