How To Make Apartment Life Exciting

For those of you who have spent a good part of their lives in bungalows, villas or traditional homes, moving into an apartment can be a huge change. Quite a few people tend to think that life in apartment is restrictive and boring, but it’s not really the case – it need not BE the case. Boredom can set in regardless of where you live, depending on your attitude. It may be a bit difficult to think what to do, so here is a little help:

  • Start a morning/evening walk group: The great thing about apartment living is that you are never short of neighbors. You are sure to find a few fitness conscious neighbors; plan to go for a brisk walk in the mornings or evenings. You will surely find the activity enjoyable as you exchange news, share your experiences and crack a few jokes.
  • Yoga/meditation/prayer group: You can also put together people interested in any of these activities, and have regular yoga, aerobics, meditation, prayer or even bhajan sessions depending on how many people are interested in a particular activity. When you have a group to do the activity with, you are more likely to do it regularly and stay motivated.
  • Organize regular get-togethers: You can plan potluck dinners once a week or fortnight, with the host changing every time. With each person bringing one dish, it won’t be a burden for anyone. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with family and neighbors and to unwind and have some fun. You can also organize some party games before the dinner to lighten the atmosphere.  If you are worried about space issues, here are ways to maximize your apartment space.
  • Arrange picnics: You can go on day picnics once a month for some wholesome family fun. When you go in large numbers you will also get discounts on bus bookings, foods and even tickets to attractions.
  • Celebrate festivals as a community: Get all families living in your apartment building to contribute and arrange Onam sadyas, iftar get-togethers, Christmas parties, flag hoisting and breakfast on National holidays, exchange Diwali sweets, and so on. It will not only be enjoyable for everyone, but inculcate a sense of togetherness and unity among the neighbors.

So you see life in flats can actually be a lot more exciting than living by yourself in a huge house. There will always be lots of people around to help in emergencies, and tons of activities that you can do together.

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