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R.K. Mumbai Realtors is proud to announce a new foray in property management services. We are well versed with Mumbai’s real estate market and keep ourselves up to date with changes in the rules and regulations. As your property managers, we take the stress from your hands and move it in to ours. We understand that there is a need to protect and grow your real estate investment on a yearly basis. As a small business, we are able to provide you and your property one-on-one attention. Our suite of services includes complete turnkey solutions, all you have to worry about is how do you plan to spend your rental income!

Purchasing a Property in Mumbai

Non Resident Indian (NRI) have a strong desire to invest in a property in their homeland. The demand for investing in a property in India has increased manifolds, especially in the last few years as the strength in foreign currencies improves. NRI’s now have an increased buying power. However, there is a major hurdle for them in purchasing a property. A lot of NRIs have lost their connections to India or are simply incapable of taking the time or the energy for dealing with the nitty gritty of property ownership in India. We provide you with the entire suite of products which enable you to make a diligent decision on purchasing your property, be it your first investment or an array of investments. We communicate regularly with you to ensure transparency. The only time you will have to make a trip would be for property registration and agreement signing (at the time of settlement or closing the deal)

Selling a Property in Mumbai

Mumbai’s property market is very lucrative. There have been phenomenal increments in property prices in the last decade. In addition, there has been a tremendous out flux of Indians from major cities to all corners of the globe. These NRIs already own a property and are now contemplating on cashing out on their returns for re-investment purposes, planning to retire or simply looking to liquidate. As your representative, we ensure that you receive the best price and return on your investment. We market your property through various channels – Online, print media and our vast network of real estate brokers and consultants. We guide you in pricing your property as per the current market to ensure that you do not lose out on genuine buyers and at the same time do no under value your investment property.

Leasing, Renting Your Property in Mumbai

There are several residential and commercial spaces in Mumbai that remain empty. Most Non Resident Indians (NRIs) purchase a property for investment purposes or for their personal residential/commercial purposes. They are unable to lease it out since they are not physically present in the country. Most NRIs come during the winter months to visit family or just take a break. The rest of the year the property is kept vacant. Leasing your property out will bring out it’s investment value and provide you with an additional income. Your property will pay for itself in the long run. Moreover, we collect the rent checks from the lessees and renters in advance and ensure that your rent checks are deposited on a regular basis and there is no delay whatsoever.

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Advertising & Marketing Your Property

We advertise your property through various forms of media to bring maximum visibility. We advertise regularly in highly circulated news papers to target a vast majority of the masses. We market your property through several online channels including our website. This enables us to reach a new generation of local and overseas lessees and renters. Additionally, we market your property through our internal network of more than 500 real estate brokers & consultants all over Mumbai. We take every step to ensure that your property remains on the market for just a few days.

Agreements, Legality

We are well versed with agreements and legal documents to ensure that attention is paid to details. We will prepare the legal agreements on your behalf and with your final approval, do reference checks and verify their rental history to the best of our abilities on the renters and lessees, apply for society NOC (N0 Objection Certificate) and even submit Police verification. We take care of this year on year basis and every time your property is leased.

Annual Maintenance

Anyone who has rented their property is aware of the maintenance issues. Whatever that has to go wrong will go wrong. It’s just for this reason we provide you with property maintenance. We have a team of electricians, painters, civil engineers, repairmen and handymen to ensure that your property is maintained appropriately. We fix all the issues with the property and make it ready for your lessee. Even during the rental period if there are certain issues that need to be addressed, we take care of it.

Mandate (Sole Agency)

We do need a mandate to provide you with the services. We prefer to take responsibility rather than share it with anyone else. This helps us to have total control and take ownership of our responsibilities.

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