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A lot of NRIs own properties in Mumbai but are only available for few days in a year. It is most likely that their apartment is left empty throughout the year. They come once a year for few days to just relax and revisit families, friends and probably eat at their favorite restaurant to fulfill their cravings. Once they are gone, their property is locked and in disrepair till the next trip. Most probably leave the keys with their family or close friends who they trust. However, in several occasions NRI properties are either mismanaged or simply neglected in their absence.

It is precisely for this reason that a property manager is required. In your absence the manager takes care of the property providing turnkey solutions. The basics should include renting the property, managing the tenants & societies, legal agreements, permits and documents from various government organization, etc. Here is a list of basic details

Real Estate Brokerage Services

  1. Marketing the property through print media, online media and our vast network,
  2. Setting up timely inspections of the property to prospective tenants,
  3. Screening the tenant, Placing the tenant,
  4. Drafting and setting up the legal agreements,
  5. Communicating with the building society to get the required NOC’s in your absence,
  6. Submitting the tenants information to the local Police station for verification
  7. Registering the lease agreement with the local government/registration office

Real Estate Property Management For Rented Apartments

  1. Ensuring that the property is ready for move in for the tenants
  2. Collecting the rent cheques from your tenants
  3. Depositing the rent cheques in a timely fashion into your bank account as per the monthly schedule
  4. Routine inspections of the property.
  5. Making sure that maintenance or any necessary repair work of the property which includes plumbing, electrical, minor adjustments etc. is done regularly and promptly
  6. Ensuring that the tenant adheres to the rules and regulations of the society
  7. At the expiration of the lease, running inspections to maintain the quality of the apartment and to verify any wear and tear to the apartment

Real Estate Management Furnished or Unfurnished Unoccupied Apartments

  1. Conduct bi-weekly cleanings and inspections of the property to ensure that everything is in working order.
  2. Setting up of timely pest control within the apartment
  3. Reporting of any issues such as leakages, plumbing, etc.
  4. Emailing routine pictures of the apartment to update the owners

We do provide the turnkey property management services to NRIs at a discounted rate. Please visit Property Management page for more details or Contact us if you have any queries.

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