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Normally, I do not write about other companies on my blog. However, this neat start up BoxMySpace has caught my attention. It is a great idea for a space cramped city like Mumbai. It is an amazing service that I can recommend to my clients.

Many a times, I have clients who love apartments but cannot move into it because of furniture. Landlords are stuck with furniture and lose out on great corporate clients. BoxMySpace is the perfect solution for both ends of the problem.

It’s a very well known fact that Mumbai has a huge influx of immigrants. There are expats moving back to Mumbai for work. NRI’s are moving back after years to be closer to their family. There is migration of employees from all over India to Mumbai. After all, Mumbai is the financial capital of the country. Everyone has a ton of things. They cannot get rid of it nor do they have space to store everything.

BoxMySpace is the perfect solution to both these problems.

How does it work?

Boxmyspace is a great way to store for nris and expats moving to mumbai.

It’s a simple process. You call BoxMySpace with what you want to store. They will come by and drop the boxes at your door step. Once you are done packing, call them and they will pick up the boxes. They will take a picture of the items that you have stored in the boxes. It gets uploaded into your account. You can access it online through the cloud account. When you are ready to access your stored items, just call them and they will get it delivered back to your door step. It’s as simple as that. The only painful part is the fact that you have to move. Oh! By the way, they also do the packing for you.

How much does it cost?

Boxmyspace is a great way to store for NRIs, expats and anyone moving to Mumbai.

BoxMySpace has several options based on your space requirement. From small boxes to fit in clothes to large areas to fit entire bedroom furniture. The pricing is affordable. In some situations, they also have climate controlled storage. This in my opinion is great for a moss ridden, humidity prone city of Mumbai. One my ‘High Profile’ client had to throw away custom made wood furniture, because the storage space was not climate controlled.

PS: They are my next door neighbors 🙂

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2 Responses
  • Manish
    Mar 26, 2015

    At the risk of sounding negative, this service though valuable may not fly with the landlords as stated in the article. Assuming monthly 6K storage cost for storing bed, sofa, tv…the cost turns out to be nearly a months rent for a 2bhk apt leased at 80k for a year. Add brokerage & other expenses into the deal & suddenly this option doesn’t look appealing. Also, in situations where the apt is leased for more than a year the storage cost may outrun the furniture cost. Like any service has it pros & cons, this service seems suited for end users with temporary storage issues. Just laying out another perspective. Best to BoxMySpace.


    Manish Mar 26, 2015
  • arjun
    Mar 27, 2015

    The service is good in concept but very expensive
    Wont work out for the costing
    Funiture requires huge space and the storage is working out more expensive than the furniture
    When given on rent an owners has to lease storage space for alteast 18 to 24 months and as per the rate mentioned a sofa alone would cost 2000 per month and for 2 years would be 1 lakh
    even if one manages to stuff another small item onto the sofa it wont work as Indians done use Modular IKEA Style furniture which can be dismantelled

    arjun Mar 27, 2015

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