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Hey All,

So I have been really busy with work for the last few months. As much as I would like to express myself in my blogs, I haven’t been able to. It has been tough. As predicted in my previous article, Mumbai real estate market has tightened up. This just means that as a real estate consultant, we need to step up our game. The inquiries are flowing in. Buyers are giving low ball offers. Sellers are not ready to give their properties out at such prices. The same old gap between buyers and sellers. So more time on business and less time blogging.

Anyways, I would take this opportunity to invite guest bloggers onto the website. You can submit your articles as and when required. They will be read, edited, approved or disapproved. So please be prepared for that. Just a few basic requirements

  1. Experience

    You need to have real estate experience. Ideally you should be part of the real estate trade. Obviously, local Mumbaikars are preferred but other zip codes are also welcome. Good quality real estate content is the primary factor for guest bloggers.

  2. Knowledge

    Not experienced! No problem! At least be knowledgable about the current trends. Be abreast with real estate news. Do your research before submitting your thoughts. Do not waste your time and energy writing something which is absolutely off the cuff or borderline senile.

  3. Be Orginal

    Please do not cut and paste someone else’s hardwork and thoughts. Be original! Even worse, cut and paste a newspaper article. You can share those on your “Book of Faces” or “Tweety Bird” it. This is a platform for original content and your opinion. Don’t degrade yourself! Avoid unethical reproductions.

  4. No Link Spam

    Please don’t ridicule my intelligence! If your whole goal is to get back links for your personal website, then the blog will simply not get approved. Even if the matter is excellent, the backlinks will get removed. I strongly believe in giving credit where it’s due. Gladly boast about your personal achievements but with style. One link to your website along with your profile will be welcomed with open arms. You have worked hard and you deserve it.

  5. Samples

    If you have written any blogs previously, then point the way. Show me! It does not have to be real estate industry based. Maybe you have changed your profession! Maybe you just want to talk about your real estate experience. I am OK with it. A blog for me has always been a personal statement. An opinion which should be voiced. No matter how small or big, open up and talk.

  6. Guest Blogging, Not Marketing

    Please do not propose your under construction project in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mangalore, Visakhapatnam, etc, etc, etc, etc. Also true for your personal property which has not been sold in years for obvious reasons. This is not the platform to sell your product. You can call the office if you wanna sell your property i.e. if you plan to pay my brokerage on time. Please go to 99 AcresMagic Bricks, OLX – RE, etc, if you do not plan to pay commissions.

  7. Remember the Basics

    • Do not curse or use foul language
    • You have an opinion, then express yourself like a Lady or Gentleman – not a HOOLIGAN!!??!!
    • Spell check your article
    • Make sure your grammar is in place
    • Express your self appropriately and nOt iNAppROprIAtEly
    • Hope you get the drift

If you think you can follow these basic rules then shoot me an email. Even better, Call. We can start a dialogue. Cheers and Good Luck!

Remember you are Guest at someone’s home.

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