You have decided to purchase a home. Stop! Stop! Have you taken care of 3 important things, indispensable for housing decision. A house is something we crave for because we share sadness, happiness, anger, fear, and surprise here. Housing is perhaps the biggest financial decision you take in life, so remember to explore the following three important aspects to help you make a wise decision while purchasing your home.

Home Buyer Guide – 1 st  Mantra

In this information age, everything is available with just few clicks on the mouse. Sitting in Uganda, you can view the property prices of New York. Thanks to technology! Even the local laws, nearby property rates can be checked within few seconds. What would be more convenient for you than Home Buyer Guide that is answer to all your questions? Be it pre-requisite paper work, ground work, eligibility, best ways to choose a lender, tax implication, availing home loans, repayment, pre-payment or property contracts – worthy information regarding each and every aspect is covered in home buyer guides.

Home Loan Calculator – the 2 nd  Mantra

These tend to be the safest choice. From an investment point of view, everyone prefers something which is right in the middle. If your building is 10 floors, then an apartment on the 6th to 9th floor is highly desirable. These normally have open views and sun light. You also have better air circulation if you are west facing. However, you will your green views. The apartment will be hotter than the lower floors. Expect your air conditioner to work overtime in hot summers. This will rack up your electric bills. Incase of electric failure, be prepared to climb the stairs.The 2 nd  Mantra is home loan calculator – the math of home loans
You have done a detailed study on home buyer guide, now you need the finance from a lender. Many question pops in our mind like “How much should I take as home loan? “What will be my E.M.I per month” “What should the tenure of loan?” Your decision is obviously driven by numbers and home loan calculators will help you to crunch that numbers. Right. Banks and housing finance companies have developed home loan calculators on their websites. You can check that and calculate your eligibility with ease.

Reliable Builder – 3rd Mantra

You have done the calculation….now you need to join hands with a reliable builder. How you will choose this builder? Choosing a reliable builder is not an uphill task. But you have to do some homework. Check the past records of the builder. Whether the projects have been completed on time or not? What are the ongoing projects? Are the projects financially approved by any institution? Always ensure your money remains in safe hands. A little caution & research from your side can help you make the right decision.