Mr. Chandru Kewalramani


RK Mumbai Realtors is a second-generation family run real estate brokerage firm. It was established by the Late Mr. Chandru Kewalramani in 1988. He was in real estate financing, real estate investments and brokerage of high end properties.

Mr. Ravi Kewalramani


Mr. Ravi Kewalramani is currently Company Director. He spent most of his youth in the United States of America. There he got exposure to the western style of working. Mr. Kewalramani has brought in professionalism in the company. He has ensured transparency and work ethics in our real estate transactions.


Anil Das

Mr. Anil Das takes care of commercial properties from Juhu to Bandra. He has more than 5 years of experience in the real estate industry. He is a young veteran of this industry. Mr. Das works tirelessly to ensure that your property requirement is fulfilled. He is dedicated to his client from the beginning till the end of the transaction.


Santosh Patil

Mr. Santosh Patil has been in the real estate industry for more than a decade. He takes of the residential portfolio from Bandra to Juhu. He has in depth knowledge of his territory. His doggedness ensures that your property requirement is completely satisfied. Mr. Patil brings a lot to the table with his experience and knowledge.


Theresa Fernandes

Mrs. Fernandes is the office admin. She will be the first point of contact for your property requirement. Always feel free to call her up with your property details or your property requirement. She will ask key questions to ensure we get the right details. Mrs. Fernandes sees to it that your requirement is handled efficiently.


Hillary Baptista

Mr. Hillary is a new entrant to our team. He has a background with handling web queries as well as sheets and presentations. As a client there will be no contact, however he plays an instrumental part in fulfilling a client’s requirement.


Randhir Bansode

Mr. Randhir Bansode is the oldest employee of our company. He has been with us for more than 25 years. He is in charge of majority of the paperwork which transpires through the transaction. He is great with co ordination of paperwork and registration process. And to add to his list of skills, he makes a killer cup of tea.