Congratulations on making the decision to be a home buyer. You have finally narrowed down on your apartment. Now you have to decide what floor would you want to purchase. The developer has given you floor options with the expensive floor rise charges. Let’s run through the myths and facts to help you make an educated decision.

Lower Floors

Traditionally, people do not wish to buy lower floor apartments. The general belief is you will not get a lot of sun light or fresh air. There is a threat of security. This is completely true. You have to see the apartment to make a judgement call. I have personally seen some beautiful first floor apartments. Lower floored apartments that are westerly facing, receiving a lot of fresh air. A few lower floor apartments are filled with greenery, overlooking beautiful green garden and trees. In some communities, lower floors are sought after since they are pool and amenity facing. They have better views than higher floor. Other advantage of lower floor apartment is that they are cooler. Heat rises which makes these apartments cooler than others in those hot summer afternoons. Also, with new construction apartments with podiums, lobbies, the first floor actually starts from a higher level.

Avoid lower floors near crowded zones. Main road facing lower floors do tend to be noisy. They also gather dust easily. These tend to be unsafe and more prone to theft. Lower floor apartments are also cheaper than the other apartments. If budget is an issue, then there is no harm with opting for a lower floor apartment.

Middle to Higher Floors

These tend to be the safest choice. From an investment point of view, everyone prefers something which is right in the middle. If your building is 10 floors, then an apartment on the 6th to 9th floor is highly desirable. These normally have open views and sun light. You also have better air circulation if you are west facing. However, you will your green views. The apartment will be hotter than the lower floors. Expect your air conditioner to work overtime in hot summers. This will rack up your electric bills. Incase of electric failure, be prepared to climb the stairs.

Top Floors

Top floor apartments are a very personal choice. Most people shy away from them for various reasons. Some because of fear of heights, others worry about leakage problems. With improvements in technology, leakages should not be a point of contention. Heat on the other hand is. Once again, expect your summer electric bills to be high. Views on higher floors are open. Expect airy apartments with good ventilation planning. Developers tend to make their top floors luxury apartments such as duplex or penthouses. Pricing of these apartments also are higher. You will pay a premium for them. Private terraces are available on these top floor apartments.

In the end, paying for floor rise makes sense if you really enjoy the views. There is no harm in a lower floor so long as there is open feel to it.