In this tuition time real estate vlog, I discuss on what it takes to decide on the rent price of a property. Whether it is a commercial property or residential property, your property has to be priced right for the market. It cannot be too high. You will lose genuine clients who would not be interested in seeing or shy to make an offer. It cannot be too low. You land up losing money on your asset.

As a Mumbai real estate agent and consultant, I get asked a lot of questions. Over the years I have gathered real estate experience and knowledge. This career has now developed into a real estate advisor and a teacher more than a real estate agent. As a result of that, educating real estate enthusiasts such as yourself is become a part of my self code of operation.

We used to shoot 2 minute tuition which imparted in depth knowledge on Mumbai real estate. These #Shorts are just an extension of those 2 minute tuition. They are bite sized real estate tips, real estate advise and real estate education which should help you understand it better. It’s a good starting point for anyone who wants to become a real estate agent in Mumbai and does not have much knowledge about it.

Hope y’all like it.

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